My work is about aesthetics, beauty and the future of designer humans. I looked

closely at the geek story of Pygmalion which describes a sculptor who is not

satisfied with the women around him so sculpts his own perfect woman and wishes for Venus to bring her to life. A contemporary twist on the Cabinet of Curiosity, my piece will be a display showcasing a collection of fabricated medical objects with a half sized sculpture of identical twin children. The piece hopes to open up discussions of ethics and morals by looking at designer qualities of a person's anatomy. My work is heavily influenced with my research on 'racial hygiene' during WWII (blonde hair, blue eyes) which brings a darker tone to the project. My sculpture represents designer children but acts also as a homage to the Mengele Twins which were experimented on during this time in the quest for designing the ‘master race’.


The theme of this project was actually very similar to the theme of this event, this is what I wrote at the very beginning of my research which I’d like to say is my ‘voice’. Deeply engrained in the core of my project has always been the notion of Aesthetics and Beauty, primarily the idealisation of the female body and the perception of perfection. This is an important issue that I have a personal connection to as a young woman who is

constantly amongst the advertisements and social media in this aesthetically concerned, sexually iconographic world.


I myself have been a victim of self-deprecating thoughts and felt the weight of aesthetic pressure, especially on social media platforms. Yet it is a needless and restless activity which I have found endless frustration in. The most disconcerting notion to me is the lack

of control we have on our own appearance, being rooted in genetics for generations. What purpose does beauty really serve and why is it so highly considered amongst the entirety

of the population? My image is the first thing you see, the image associated with my name, my memory and my personality. How can something so out of our control be such a large representation for our inward self? Every action, reaction, decision is seen by others through this body we reside in, due to no reasoning of our own. I have personal struggles with mental health, often having episodes of disassociation. Dissociation from the world around me, from my emotions and from my own body. My feelings of drastic

disconnection of the inner self from the outer can make it hard to feel at peace. Trapped in this idea that our image is the only tangible existence of our spirit when I feel very different on the inside to the out. These experiences have changed my own perception of the body and how it interacts with the world and how the word interacts with it.


My inquisitions into this subject will most likely never subside and will always be of

relevance, especially while our culture continues to favour the importance of beauty as the media rages on... However, this project touches on a small area of these issues to start to pick apart aesthetic choice and to question the morality of designer body’s and their