Rae is a mixed media artist and curator responsible for the concept, curation and creation of the Bodies exhibition happening at Grow Tottenham from 18/09/20109 - 25/09/2019

Drawing from her own experiences with physical and mental barriers such as growing up as an intersex person and battling mental health issues, Rae uses spray. paint, markers, pastels, acrylics and more to create works on canvasses, walls, tables, found objects and anything else she can get her hands on.

Rae's current works draw heavily from her intersex body and her own personal journey in coming to terms with this aspect of her identity. Her style combines bold, illustrative lines and simple figures with clashing colours, photorealism and symbology to express a variety of messages regarding the physical and mental battles that she has faced.

Responding to brief:
I'm responding to the subject of Bodies by thinking about my own body. I have Swyers Syndrome meaning I fall into the categoroy of 'Intersex' which is the (often overlooked) I in LGBTQIA and for me this meant growing up with a female body and later finding out that I had XY chromosomes instead XX.

Using personal experience as a launch pad, I’m exploring what it means to be intersex.

Intersex bodies have been the subject of controversy throughout history - often being connected with differing extremes from divine to abhorrent, resulting in cultural bias that has reflected these extremes - from worship to persecution - yet seldom are they seen or treated as natural or entirely human.

Im exploring both sides of the coin as someone who exists in an intersex body as well as someone who has been conditioned to view intersex bodies as unnatural. My work will therefore reflect being both the observer and the observed and the complexities of existing within this paradox.