Dominik Zarówny ( b. 1991 ) is a Polish-born artist who explores the interconnected forces of place, power and personality. Zarówny draws on the principles of surrealism to create nightmarish yet energetic interpretations of the characters, dynamics and surroundings that he encounters, infused with elements of digital and popular culture.


He works primarily with oils, pastels, and acrylics, but often experiments with materials found in his local area – a warehouse district in Tottenham, North London. His latest collection focuses on the present and catastrophic decline of the West, and the sense of alienation and dislocation experienced by young people as they witness the fracturing of their own culture, and try to make sense of their place in a fast-changing world.

Response to bodies

Dominik Zarowny's art approaches bodies as the link between humans and nature, exploring the animalistic characteristics and tendencies that embed human consciousness firmly in the material world. Zarowny's work seeks to upend conventional understandings of attraction and sensuality by emphasising ugliness and imperfection in the corporeal form.