My practice uses drawing and painting to investigate social responses humans have to their environment, and the personal and public reflections this provokes. I attempt to create safe spaces to ask questions about what it means to be non-white woman in Britain, amalgamating captured memories and recordings of moments in the city, or reimagining historical concepts of pleasing aesthetics. In particular I aim to translate the British-Asian experience in England and Wales influenced by climates of Indophobia, imperialism, and contemporary cultural appropriation. Does cultural appropriation exist in Britain? How have we been moving from colonialism to cultural fluidity? Furthermore I question gender constructs between cultural borders, and where concepts of ideals integrate or oppose with each other. Through challenging stereotypes and confronting stigmas I aim to encourage transcendence by diluting today's friction 'between' 'race's' and genders, commending the impact of multiculturalised female empowerment in a transitioning Britain