Archie Fooks is currently in his fourth year at the Slade school of Fine Art. Specialising in drawing he is most known for his hyper-detailed large scale works on paper. These works often revolve around uniting ideas of the ephemeral and spiritual with scientific and mathematical phenomena.
Archie uses film sculpture and performance additionally in his practice; creating inventions and faux artefacts that relate back to and inspire his drawings.

Thoughts on bodies:
I guess the general themes in my work at the moment are on ideas of a collective consciousness between people, that’s what the smaller drawings are about anyway. I’m also interested in the idea of collective consciousness within an individual, so thinking of the self as being made up of lots of smaller conscious parts, be they cells, organs or even the individual neurones that interact in the brain to make up the whole. I guess to say that we’re all just massive spaceships made up of smaller mini-mes!