Thu 5 March 2020   |   Grow Tottenham N17 9LZ


Bodies is an ongoing series of exhibitions and events exploring and celebrating the diversity and complexity of our bodies!

Join us for an evening celebrating all of our different and diverse bodies as we collectively share our experiences within our individual forms.

Rae is a mixed media artist and curator responsible for the concept, curation and creation of the Bodies exhibition happening at Grow Tottenham from 18/09/20109 - 25/09/2019

Drawing from her own experiences with physical and mental barriers such as growing up as an intersex person and battling mental health issues, Rae uses spray paint, markers, pastels, acrylics and more to create works on canvasses, walls, tables, found objects and anything else she can get her hands on.

Cassandra is an artist from Australia, currently based in London. Her art moves across disciplines, as she explores hidden narratives; investigating how society is constructed, identity, sense of self and the subconscious mind.


Her response to the theme “voices” explores the long lasting effects of the families we are born into.


Fabio Coverini is an artist living and working in London. His practice is made up of left handed, rapid drawing and painting experiments often speaking to both his everyday surroundings, emotional situations as well as dark fictional fantasies, which include the human form, sex, music, fashion, family and kinships.

James is an artist that gravitates towards all living or lived things. He finds himself building quite the skull collection, both in his portfolio and as tattoos on his body. His art draws inspiration from his love of tattoos, his black ink - highly detailed dotwork illustrations reflect this. He feels working in black ink gives his work a sense of simplicity and clarity as the pieces become so complex.

In addition to his illustration business James holds a Masters Degree in Design and over a decades professional experience at top London agencies.

A visual artist that began by gatecrashing a BTEC performing arts dance classes. Following a brief stint at the University of Brighton he danced for three years in Brighton, before moving back to his home town.


After moving to London and spending three years in management, he then moved into a community of artists, where he is continuing with more visual art.


His works are unapologetically based around sexual frustration.

Born in Ufa, Russia 1989

Lives and works in London, UK

2011-2013 – MA Fine Art Photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London

2008-2011 – BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London

2007-2008 – Art Foundation at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

My practice uses drawing and painting to investigate social responses humans have to their environment, and the personal and public reflections this provokes. I attempt to create safe spaces to ask questions about what it means to be non-white woman in Britain, amalgamating captured memories and recordings of moments in the city, or reimagining historical concepts of pleasing aesthetics. In particular I aim to translate the British-Asian experience in England and Wales influenced by climates of Indophobia, imperialism, and contemporary cultural appropriation. Does cultural appropriation exist in Britain? How have we been moving from colonialism to cultural fluidity? 

I work with themes of nature's brutality and decolonisation principles. I express my pain and my joy through my rituals, evoking reflection upon the idea of "flesh", placing importance on the connection through touch and playing with the notions of sanctity.

My work is about aesthetics, beauty and the future of designer humans. I looked closely at the geek story of Pygmalion which describes a sculptor who is not satisfied with the women around him so sculpts his own perfect woman and wishes for Venus to bring her to life. A contemporary twist on the Cabinet of Curiosity, my piece will be a display showcasing a collection of fabricated medical objects with a half sized sculpture of identical twin children. The piece hopes to open up discussions of ethics and morals by looking at designer qualities of a person's anatomy. My work is heavily influenced with my research on 'racial hygiene' during WWII (blonde hair, blue eyes) which brings a darker tone to the project. My sculpture represents designer children but acts also as a homage to the Mengele Twins which were experimented on during this time in the quest for designing the ‘master race’.

Laura is a neurodiverse artist who uses creation as a healing tool, to process emotions, trauma and communicate her experience of life to others.

Using many different mediums including painting and film photography she uses art to make internal emotions, external.