Thu 5 March 2020   |   Grow Tottenham N17 9LZ


Bodies is an ongoing series of exhibitions and events exploring and celebrating the diversity and complexity of our bodies!

Join us for an evening celebrating all of our different and diverse bodies as we collectively share our experiences within our individual forms.

Rae is a mixed media artist and curator responsible for the concept, curation and creation of the Bodies exhibition happening at Grow Tottenham from 18/09/20109 - 25/09/2019

Drawing from her own experiences with physical and mental barriers such as growing up as an intersex person and battling mental health issues, Rae uses praypaint, makers, pastels, acrylics and more to create works on canvasses, walls, tables, found objects and anything else she can get her hands on.

Cassandra is an artist from Australia, currently based in London. Her art moves across disciplines, as she explores hidden narratives; investigating how society is constructed, identity, sense of self and the subconscious mind.


Her response to the theme “bodies” investigates the abstract and unconscious ways in which we use our bodies and navigates topics of self worth, trauma and abuse and belonging.

Rachies work explores the blurred lines between nudes, sex and societal norms. Her work focuses on ideas of the male form, the female mind and how social and cultural constructs influence both.
 She is a graphic designer by day. 
Often the two worlds collide.


Her art studio is based in Tottenham, London, UK.

James is an artist that gravitates towards all living or lived things. He finds himself building quite the skull collection, both in his portfolio and as tattoos on his body. His art draws inspiration from his love of tattoos, his black ink - highly detailed dotwork illustrations reflect this. He feels working in black ink gives his work a sense of simplicity and clarity as the pieces become so complex.

In addition to his illustration business James holds a Masters Degree in Design and over a decades professional experience at top London agencies.

Archie Fooks is currently in his fourth year at the Slade school of Fine Art. Specialising in drawing he is most known for his hyper-detailed large scale works on paper. These works often revolve around uniting ideas of the ephemeral and spiritual with scientific and mathematical phenomena.

Archie uses film sculpture and performance additionally in his practice; creating inventions and faux artefacts that relate back to and inspire his drawings.

I’m a portrait photographer living in London. I started taking photos of my friends around 5 years ago and snowballed into something much bigger in my life. I shoot primarily with film as it seems to fall in line with my imagination.

I’m excited to see where the other artists take it, a peek into the mind of everyone contributing. With “bodies” we have a lot of freedom and avenues to explore so with a project like this I imagine we’ll see many perspectives and ways to communicate ideas.

Gleiwitz born artist Jakob Buraczewski, born 1987, is a practising German artist studied at the University of Arts Saar and Royal College of Art.


His studies have led him into the investigation of aesthetics, criticism and contemporary philosophy. Ideas about time and space, sense data and its duration and composition, as well as the distinction between nature and the unnatural stimulated many experiments within his work.


Buraczewski investigates what statements and actions engage with the ‘now’. Such is achieved through an intellectual assessment of nature, which is influenced by collective anxieties and concerns. As a practising musician, Buraczewski incorporates sound as an experimental media in his installations and performances.

Dominik Zarówny ( b. 1991 ) is a Polish-born artist who explores the interconnected forces of place, power and personality. Zarówny draws on the principles of surrealism to create nightmarish yet energetic interpretations of the characters, dynamics and surroundings that he encounters, infused with elements of digital and popular culture. He works primarily with oils, pastels, and acrylics, but often experiments with materials found in his local area – a warehouse district in Tottenham, North London. His latest collection focuses on the present and catastrophic decline of the West, and the sense of alienation and dislocation experienced by young people as they witness the fracturing of their own culture, and try to make sense of their place in a fast-changing world.

Ali’s work borrows heavily from 20th Century culture and style, taking influence from the art nouveau revival by the psychedelic rock scene of the 1960s. The modern psych-rock scene is strong influences in his work.

Surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon and illustrators such as Ralph Steadman have also influenced him throughout his career.

His work is a collusion of unique patterns, sound inspired images, Mexican/Native American culture and altered mental states.

Creative Director with experience in modelling, photography, illustration and costume making

Response to bodies

I’m excited to see where the other artists take it, a peek into the mind of everyone contributing. With “bodies” we have a lot of freedom and avenues to explore so with a project like this I imagine we’ll see many perspectives and ways to communicate ideas.

"Listen to me”
In collaboration with Step Emery
In this series we are exploring the way we neglect and put to waste the body we have.